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Another MAD Story or Two

Postby dontcatchmany » Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:28 pm

Rachel and I took the golf cart for a ride down to the docks a couple of times to view the kids fishing and to see the activities there.

We saw family members either walking with strollers to Jaycee or from Jaycee. We would stop and chat with them all......gosh some of the cutest and most well mannered kids I have ever seen...all smiling like crazy.

We stopped with one young lady with a stroller with a small child and two older kids tagging along...well scrubbed and neat. We asked the young lady if her husband was out fishing..... and then we had a chuckle. The lady said that her husband had never been fishing before and was really really excited. She said that he was so excited that he could not sleep the night before for fear of over sleeping and missing the boat....gotta love it...and them.

Then we were on the docks watching the kids fishing. Smiles all around. There was an old man in a wheel chair slowly making his way along the dock and grinning at the kids. Close to him was an equally old lady who turned out to be his wife....Man for that age they sure did talk bawdy ...gotta love it. Anyway, they lived in the high rise building (Harbor View) that over looks Jaycee Park/Docks. They kept on and on as to how great this was to see the folks out there and the Marine Band and they were giddy with the extra excitement.

MAD touches many folks.
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