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Postby ste6168 » Sat Jun 01, 2013 9:09 pm

I have to say, THANK YOU to every single person involved with today's event! From the fishing captains, to the volunteers who organized it all, to the people boating families around for tours, to the businesses who gave support, to the webmasters who support this site... and most importantly, the military members, both active duty and retired, who support our country...

Again, THANK YOU!!

I ran my boat in this event for the first time this year, and I can say that I have never participated in an event that had better people all around. I met some great people today (and last night at the captains meeting), had a blast running my boat and putting my guys on fish, meeting everyone involved, and just giving a little something back to all the guys who support our country! :flag

I know for a fact we didn't catch the most, nor the biggest, but we had a blast today. I hope next years event increases in size in direct proportion to this year, and I hope to meet many more next year.

God bless everyone who took the time to plan, organize, run, and fish in today's event. Hopefully sooner, but if not, see yall next year!
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Postby vitaminsea » Mon Jun 03, 2013 8:54 am

Had a great time with the two marines I took out. One was a repeat from Southport & of course we broke the other in with a sick day. Put the boys on several reef donkeys to see what they were made of. Of course the oldest guy on the boat had to reel in the fish!!! Had one that was 54" & weighed about two thousand pounds! Also received my second challenge coin which is a real honor to say the least. Thanks to all especially the soldiers for what they do for us. See you guys in Southport in September.
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Postby Capt_Rick_NC » Mon Jun 03, 2013 1:34 pm

I remember seeing those Reef Donkeys coming to the fish cleaning station. I felt sorry for that crew!! What kind of Captain would put his/her troops throught that much pain and suffering??? I bet you a dollar to doughnuts they will be back next year and will ask to sign up with you again...they would have forgotten the pain by then! :grin:
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