Troop assignmnts?

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Troop assignmnts?

Postby johnrlyons1 » Sat Aug 24, 2019 4:12 pm

Hi Folks,

A friend I'm buddy boating with and as well as myself, have not received troop assignments yet. This is the first year for both of us, can you tell me when the assignments are made?

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Re: Troop assignmnts?

Postby Squid Row » Mon Aug 26, 2019 2:09 pm

Here is the email that was sent out to all registered volunteers over the weekend:

Hi MAD skippers,

This email discusses where we are with troop assignment and what you should be doing when troops are assigned.

Here’s our current status with three weeks to go:
Number of boats - 60
Troops registered – 122
Troops assigned to boats – 115 (~95%)
Filled 61% of available seats leaving 70 seats available on 18 boats.
Registrations still coming in. No firm numbers on the Single Marine troops coming in on their bus.

So, of our 60 boats, 42 have troops assigned and 18 are awaiting troop registrations and assignment. This is a very typical situation at this point in the evolution.

If you don’t have troops assigned, please be patient as Bubba assigns troops as the registrations come in.

For everyone, when you have troops assigned, please contact each one directly. I cannot over emphasize the importance of this. This is your opportunity to tell them a bit about yourselves, your boat, what to bring with them in terms of food and/or drink, what time you desire to get underway etc. It’s also their opportunity to ask questions and learn what to expect on this special day. We find generally that the more you communicate with them the more likely they are to show up. (Yes, we do have a no-show rate).

And speaking of no shows – if a troop tells you they will not be able to show up, please let Bubba know immediately. It’s important we have a solid count on available seats, especially as we get closer to the event.

So, that’s about the state of things now.

If you have any issues with troop assignments, Bubba’s your point of contact. Anything else, I’m your guy.

Thanks so much for being a part of this great event in honor of our troops.

One. Simple. THANKS!
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